TOMI Token is a decentralized coin that powers a unique ecosystem:

TOMISwap DEX that is designed to reward its users.

TOMI Blockchain a 2nd layer blockchain that will allow for the interuse of different blockchains and assets including ERC20 tokens and reducing gas fees while speeding up transactions.

TOMIFundMe a platform that allows anyone with good business ideas to promote their project and receiving TOMI grants decided by TOMI holders voting.

01 Why buy TOMI?

TOMI is different:

The whole point of this project is to give back to all the stakeholders.
TOMI has something for everyone, from users to liquidity providers to regular people looking for a chance.
TOMI is structured so everything collected is given back, with no purpose of profit, as opposed to all the other crypto projects out there that are making money for their founders.
All money raised from TOMI NFT sales will go into purchasing and burning TOMI, stabilizing and increasing its value.
TOMI NFTs collected over 1M (and counting), which means that at our starting market cap of 75k, even if no one else buys, the market cap will still increase by over 10x within the first hour of the public sale with just the NFT sales.
All TOMI activities are transparent and can be proof checked. We encourage you to DYOR (Do Your Own Research). If you need more info or help to do it, check out this page.

02How to get started

Where can I get TOMI token?

TOMI Token is launched on the Polygon Network through Sushiswap due to the high gas fees on the ETH network. Polygon is a 2nd layer of the ETH network, which means all tokens on Polygon can be transferred to ETH network as the user sees fit.

Also, TOMI team is aware of the complexities requirement to have MATIC on the Polygon chain creates, so they will send 0.10 MATIC to cover gas fees to the first 5,000 future TOMI holders that fill in this simple form.

For step-by-step instructions on how to use the Polygon Network in your Metamask wallet, please see our tutorial.

01 Avoid high gas fees

Bridge your wallet and move the ETH you intend to use to swap into Polygon before you can swap on Sushiswap to avoid the high gas fees.

Here are step by step instructions on how to add the polygon network to Metamask and how to bridge ETH to Polygon.

02 Go to Sushiswap

Sushiswap is decentralized exchange protocol built on Ethereum.

03 Pick a Wallet from our Wallet Section

You can use any supported Ethereum wallet (We suggest you use MetaMask).

04 Get Some TOMI token

Select the token you’d like to exchange, select TOMI as the token you’d like to exchange to and click on Swap.

03How it will work


01 Initial Supply

Initial TOMI Token supply (number of tokens in circulation when tokens start to be traded on the market) will be 1.5 billion coins.

02 Contract

750 million coins will be sent into the Sushiswap smart contract so everyone would have to buy it.

250 million coins are reserved for Development pool.

500 million coins to Community pool to be used over three years

The Founders do not get any free coins that they can dump on the community.

03 Vote

All transaction fees earned from the Sushiswap smart contract will be granted to deserving businesses and business ideas around the world.

TOMI Token holders will get to vote on which businesses will receive the grants. More details to come once the white paper is released.

04Our Plans

Roadmap to creating TOMI Ecosystem


September 2021

TOMI Token Initial Sale


December 2021

TOMI Swap Launch
TOMI Staking Launch



TOMI FundMe Launch



TOMI Blockchain Launch

05What is TOMI's mission?

TOMI cherishes individual paths to wealth through providing long-term financial security.

Only a minority is fortunate to understand how wealth works and have access to the right resources to attain it. By developing the TOMI ecosystem, we are bringing these tools into the hands of ordinary people.

Who created a TOMI token?

TOMI Token is a creation of the versatile group of people who wanted to stay anonymous. This founding group wanted to eliminate existing current crypto market greed in a form of fees and educate people about the complex concept of wealth on the way.

What "TOMI" means?
TOMI's social impact?
TOMI token

Ready to join the Wealth odyssey?

06Stay on top of everything

Join TOMI Growing community

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