DEX that will allow the trustless swapping of different coins without having to pay high transaction fees.

TomiSwap is a DEX that will charge significantly lower fees to users than other exchanges (0.3% instead of 1%+)!

TomiSwap is designed to benefit all stakeholders and participants, including the world outside of cryptocurrency through it’s TOMIFundMe grants.

Users also get automatically entered into weekly giveaways where they potentially win life changing prizes (8.3% of all revenue generated will be given back to users). Liquidity pool providers will be compensated with 66.6% of the revenue generated.

Learn more about giveaways here .

TomiSwap Revenue Breakdown:
• 66.6% will go to liquidity provider pool
• 16.6% goes to governance token stakers pool
• 8.3% goes to TOMISwap user giveaway pool
• 8.3% is used for TOMIFundMe pool.

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