Why should you trust TOMI?

Why should you trust TOMI?

01 Promise

NFT Funds went into the TOMI Pool before Public launch

All funds collected from NFT sales (over 440 ETH) were used from wallet 0xFcf595971099246593fFFC248bD4765C43C8CF70 to purchase TOMI, increasing its value.

02 Promise

Increase rarity and value by burning TOMI

We then proceeded to burned all 12,386,713 TOMIs purchased to the crypto burn address, 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead (txn hash, 0xddc9d32bbf2e20ef646684c3f673801b5860a0be2bf2888c3ba88050bafb737e on the polygon network.

All of these transactions can be verified on the polygon blockchain.

03 Promise

TOMI Control Goes to Community

To gain the trust of our users and build an honest community, we decided to give our community control of TOMI’s liquidity pools. We pulled over 600 WETH from the liquidity pool that is controlled by the TOMI founding team in wallet address 0xb0Ee9Cf6Fa1F9C13e1Aa24959cdb067F5c3AF40A, and used it to purchase TOMI from Sushiswap increasing TOMI’s value for it’s users.

All TOMIs purchased with these funds and TOMIs from the liquidity pool totaled 175,650,060 TOMIs and have all been sent to TOMI’s community pool wallet, 0x1461aeAB56886A62bb973F826a0524D7DE8e1a5F, in txn hash, 0x0a1fe1088a1cc1df6b920851ff37cd9d54d69832540cac861130e1e47d93c63a.

All of these TOMIs in the community pool wallet will be used to further build the community through various activities (new Promise).

04 Promise

No TOMI’s for the founders

To show their trustworthiness, the TOMI founding team and developers did not grant themselves any free TOMIs. On top of that the TOMI founding team had control of almost 1,100 WETH (over $3.3M USD value at the time) from the community after TOMI’s launch, but they did not keep a single dime but instead put it right back into value of TOMI for its community’s benefit. All transactions can be verified on the Polygon blockchain.

Do Your Own Research (DYOR) is one of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency investing, and very important for TOMI. If you're a crypto aficionado, you know how to do it, however, since TOMI wants to have a broader impact on the people who have been deprived from accessing the crypto world, we are here to help. We are openly sharing all TOMI info, and what you need to do is DYOR. Here is how.

05 Promise

TOMISwap solving high fees issue

TOMISwap DEX with lower fees to users than other exchanges (0.3% instead of 1%+) TOMISwap is designed to benefit all stakeholders and participants, including the world outside of cryptocurrency through it’s TOMIFundMe grants.

06 Promise

TOMIFundMe grants launch

The TOMI founding team is dedicated to developing TOMI into a project that would not only solve big problems that the crypto industry has with high gas fees and hard to cross use blockchains, but also into a project that will leave lasting positive effects for society through its TOMIFundMe grants.

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