What has been done so far and what is next

September 21

Success! Tomi Presale is over, and Funds are Burned

We created 3 different NFTs (1,500 copies of each, totalling 4,500 NFTs ) that were launched on opensea.io. And, in line with this, TOMI had 3 rounds of pre-sales before the public sale. So, NFTs served as tickets to the presale rounds.

This way we collected 441 ETH!

All NFT ETH funds has been used to purchase Tomi!

All proceeds collected from NFT sales were used to buy Tomi token. After the purchases were made, and all the ETH collected from the NFT sale was swapped for TOMI, full balance was burned, making Tomi even more rare!

Here’s a Txn Hash for the TOMI burn from the NFT funds:


🔥 12,386,713.038663764168421721 TOMI Burned 🔥

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September 22

TOMI Goes to community

To foster trust in the TOMI community and reward those early believers of the project, we have decided to give the control of TOMI's liquidity to the community.

TOMI will pull all liquidity from Sushiswap using the master address, and we will use all ETH in the liquidity to purchase TOMI, increasing the value of TOMI, just as we did with the NFT sales funds.

TOMIs collected from this will be used for activities to foster the community like staking rewards, airdrops, etc.

After that, TOMI's liquidity will be in the community's hands and we will continue to do our best to help grow the community.

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October 18

TOMI $75,000 Airdrop

TOMI is kickstarting the first community event by giving a total of $75,000 in TOMI tokens!

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